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Tuscaloosa's First Choice in Soft & Pressure Washing!

The experts at Dixie Softwash LLC are trained to properly care for your Tuscaloosa home. You'll be able to see the difference when we complete our pressure washing services. Whether you're in need of soft washing or pressure washing, we're the company to call. We offer a variety of first-rate services at competitive prices whether you need your home pressure washed or your driveway. When you hire us you guarantee that you're getting pressure washing services from a licensed, insured, and experienced company.

We provide excellent customer service and the highest quality work. Pressure washing of your property can make your home stand out from the rest. Call us if you need expert pressure washing services for your properties in the Tuscaloosa area.


Towns We Softwash in the Tuscaloosa Area

We are proud to serve the following towns and cities in the Tuscaloosa area with pressure washing services:

Commercial Washing Services

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Frequently Asked Questions About Softwashing

We recommend house washing once a year to extend the life of your exterior surfaces and prevent permanent damage to the property. We can also provide more frequent cleanings if needed. Sometimes, if your home is surrounded by trees or in an extra humid climate, you will need more frequent house washings.

"That Stuff" on your roof is actually mold! Gloeocapsa Magma is the scientific term. It's black mold that grows rapidly and will eat away at your roof's shingles. No need to worry though! Dixie Softwash LLC is skilled in the removal of Gloeocapsa Magma and extending the life of your roof.

Pressure washing can be dangerous and damaging if not done correctly. Our team is experienced in handling a pressure washing machine and knows the different techniques and methods that should be used on a variety of surfaces. It is all around safer to hire a professional, we are licensed and insured, guaranteeing you'll get the best quality work.

Yes, we do. We offer a variety of commercial services. We offer services that will have your business looking fresh and new.

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